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Huadong can customize thhn wire according to your requirements. Please send us your inquiry cable list and order quantity, our sales team will reply in 12 hours. Email:

10 Gauge THHN Wire Details:

low price cable thhn 10 specification
Size: 10 AWG
Conductor: Solid/Stranded Annealed Copper
Insulation: Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
Jacket: Nylon
Package: roll or drum
Available Colors: Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange and according to customer’s request.

10 AWG THHN Wire Features:
1.Easy to wear tube.
2.Superior wear resistance to reduce damage to the insulation when the cable through the pipe and laying.
3.Excellent resistance to hydrocarbons, chemical stability; Superior oil, gas corrosion resistance

How to get the best 10 gauge thhn wire at reasonable price?

10 gauge thhn solid wire is a very common house wire in our lives. Generally speaking, it is suitable for almost every industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Because of cable thhn 10 has wide application, there is a great demand for this cable in the market. But, how to get the best cable thhn 10 with reasonable price? Here are some factors you need to consider when you are going to buy right 10 thhn wire. Email:

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Find 10 awg thhn wire suppliers with good reputation

If you search 10 awg thhn wire on the world, you can find a lot of suppliers from all over the world. However,which one is reliable? Who can give you the best #10 thhn wire price? I think you can get what you are expecting in Huadong Cable Group. Huadong is a professional 10 awg thhn wire manufacturer from China. In addition, we have can also provide best 12 awg thhn wire price for you.Email:

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Every year, Huadong Cable Group factory provides large quantities cable thhn 10 for the customers from all over the world. What’s more, our 10 stranded thhn wire and 10 gauge solid thhn wire are very famous. Being one of the leading 10 awg thhn wire company, Huadong keeps long-term friendly relations with many enterprises. So, if you want to find a reliable partner, Huadong will be your best choice. Just send your inquiry, we promise to provide you the best #10 thhn solid wire at reasonable price.

Pay attention to the quality of cable thhn 10

As we all know, cable thhn 10 is closely related to our lives. So you should choose high quality 10 awg thhn wire for your projects. As one of the biggest 10 thhn wire manufacturer in China, we master advanced equipment and technology.

10 gauge thhn wire size

In order to supply high quality 10 awg thhn wire, Huadong produce cable in strict accordance with international standards. If you are interested in our 10 stranded thhn wire , we can send #10 thhn solid wire free sample to you. What’s more, you can also visit our 10 gauge solid thhn wire factory. We believe the quality of Huadong cable 10 thhn will satisfy you.

Consider the 10 gauge thhn wire price

Everyone wants to buy cable thhn 10 with the best price. If you are also looking for 10 gauge thhn stranded wire suppliers, welcome to Huadong Cable Group. You know Huadong is a 10 awg stranded thhn wire manufacturer, not just a dealer. So we can sell #10 thhn solid wire and #4 thhn cable at factory price. If you choose us, the cost of 10 gauge solid thhn wire will be lower. Are you interested in our competitive 10 thhn wire price? Please leave your message. And we will send our 10 gauge thhn wire price list to you. Email:

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Notice # 10 thhn wire delivery time

When you choose buy cable 10 thhn for your projects, you should not only consider the price and quality, but also pay attention to the delivery time. If a #10 gauge solid thhn wire supplier can not deliver the products on time, which will affect your project and even cause property loss. So you need to check the #6 gauge thhn solid wire delivery time. Huadong Cable Group is cable thhn #10 manufacturer with rich experience in production. There are advanced equipment and professional technicians in our 10 awg thhn wire factory.

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So, Huadong has strong production capacity and abundant inventory. We are able to deliver your products within stipulated time. Do you want 10 gauge thhn stranded wire or 10 gauge thhn solid wire? Please feel free to choose #10 thhn solid wire type. We will send related 10 stranded thhn wire price or 10 gauge solid thhn wire price to you.In the past, we has established close cooperation with many building wire company in the world. We We exported the cable thhn 10 to many areas. Such as European, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia,Oceania countries and so on.Email:

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