Cheap H07V-K 1.5mm2 2.5mm2 16mm2 25mm2 35mm2 Cable for Sale

low price h07vk cable for sale
low price h07vk cable for sale

Custom service

Huadong can customize H07 V-K , H07 V-R ,H07 V-U cable  according to your requirements. Please send us the h07vk cable size and order quantity, our sales team will reply in 12 hours. Email:


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Conductor:Class 5 flexible copper conductor according to BS EN 60228 (previously BS 6360)
Insulation: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Temperature Rating: Flexed: -5°C to +70°C
Color:Red, Black, Blue, Orange, Yellow, White or accordingto your requirements
Application: used for internal equipment wiring in switch control, relay and instrumentation panels of power switchgear, and for purposes such as internal connectors in rectifier equipment, motor starters and controllers

High quality and cheap 1.5mm h07v k cable from Huadong

h07v k cable is a kind of flexible insulated wire. It is very suitable for indoor cabling, lighting, control cabinets, distribution boxes and equipment wiring. Owing to the wide application and superior performance, cable ho7vk is very popular in the world.Email:

cheap h07v k 1.5mm2 cable for sale

Huadong Cable Group is one of the biggest house wire suppliers in China. There are many h07v k wire in different specification for sale. Such as h07v-k 1.5mm2 cable, h07v-k 2.5mm2 cable, h07vk 4mm2 cable, h07vk 6mm2 cable, h07vk 16mm2 cable, h07vk 25mm2 cable and so on. If you are are going to buy high quality h07v k wire for your projects, welcome to Huadong. You can choose the suitable ho7 vk cable specifications according to your projects.Email:

price for h07v-k 25mm2 wire

Being a professional h07v k cable supplier with thirty years of experience, Huadong can provide high quality products for you. We produce cable ho7vk in accordance with international standard. That’s the main reason why our ho7vk cables are so famous all over the world. What’s more, Huadong sell the h07v k wire and h07z-k cable directly. That’s to say, you can get the h07vk 1.5mm cable factory price in Huadong. So, if you want to get the best h07v k cable price, Huadong will be your best choice. Just tell us the specification you need, and we will send our competitive ho7vk cable price list to you.Email:

What are the features of 2.5mm cable ho7vk ?

If you want to buy h07v k 35mm2 cable for your projects, you need to know its features and property. Here are some characteristics of cable ho7vk. I hope it will be helpful for you. Email:

Huadong low price h07vk 16mm2 cable

As we can see, the structure of h07v k 35mmsq cable is very simple. The conductor of ho7 vk cable is twisted from fine soft copper wire. And PVC is the insulation material. From its conductor and insulation material, we can know that the pvc h05vv-f cable is very flexible and has excellent bending performance. So, it will be very easy for you to install the 35mm cable flexible h07vk. If you need this wire for domestic wiring, h07v k 1 5mm2 cable and h07v k 2 5mm2 are very suitable. Their rated temperature is 70°C. And the voltage is 450/750 V. When you install your ho7vk cable, please pay attention to this matters. Email:

Top h07v k cable at competitive price

In addition, the h07v k cable has good chemical stability. For example, the h07vk 6mm2 cable and h07vk 16mm2 cable is resistant to acids, bases, oils and organic solvents. Are you interested in our h07vk cable? Feel free to send your inquiries and we will offer the best ho7vk cable quotation.

Find excellent 16mm h07v-k cable wire supplier

You know that cable ho7vk is closely related to our lives. Its quality and property is very important. As a famous 35mm ho7vk cable manufacturer, Huadong put quality in the first place. We always try our best to provide the superior  ho7vk cable for our customers.Email:

get price for h07vk 2.5mm cable from china

Before we manufacture the h07v-k cable, we will check the raw material. You know, if we want to produce high quality h07v k 1.5mm2 cable, we must make sure its material is qualified. Huadong choose superior copper as the conductor of h07vk 1.5mm cable and similar product, like h03vv-f cable. What’s more, we use top PVC for its insulation material. That’s a prerequisite for its performance. In the cable ho7vk production process, we adhere strictly to international standards.

h07vk 2.5mm cable manufacturer

In Huadong electrical wire factory, there are advanced equipment and professional technicians to ensure the production. No matter you need h07v k 2. 5mm2 cable, h07vk 16mm2 cable, h07vk 25mm2 cable or any other size ho7vk cable, Huadong can produce for you. What’s more, we also provide customer service. That’s to say, we can design and manufacture h07v k wire according to your requirements. Just contact us and tell us the ho7 vk cable size you need.

The inspection of 25mm2 h07vk wire

In addition to checking the material, the inspection of h07vk cables throughout the production process. If we find there is any thing wrong with h07vk 4mm2 cable, we will take measures to solve it. Otherwise, it will cause great losses to us and our customers. On the one hand, that will affect the use performance of electrical cable. If the h07vk 16mm2 cable is not qualified, it even make can even cause damage to the property and safety of the user. Email:

all h07v-k cable size for sale

On the other hand, it will affect our company reputation. Over the past years, owing to high quality and reasonable price, our ho7vk cable has been recognized by the world. In order to ensure the superior quality of h07vk 1.5mm cable, we strictly control every production link. If you want to buy high quality h07v-k 1.5mm2cable, h07vk 2.5mm cable , h07vk 16mm2 cable, h07vk 25mm2 cable and other size h07v k wire, feel free to contact us. We believe that you will be satisfied with our cable ho7vk quality and price. Email:

whosale cheap h07v-k cable

Our Customer Case: We have exported our h07v k cable to more than 30 countries, such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania countries, etc. Email:

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