1.5mm 2.5mm 4mm 6mm 10mm H07Z-U/H07Z-R/H07Z-K LSOH Cable for Sale

h07z-u h07z-r h07z-k cable supplier
h07z-u h07z-r h07z-k cable supplier

The H07Z-U cable application

Generally speaking, H07z-u halogen-free single core wire are suitable for 450/750v. You may find 1.5mm and 2.5mm h07z-u cable are very common. When we talk about 1.5mm h07z-u electrical wire , some poeple may think of 1.5mm h07v-u cable. As a matter of fact, the h07z-u cable is a kind of low smoke zero halogen cable. So this h07z-u LSOH cable is very popular in the place where containing lots of people. For example, you can apply the 1.5mm h07z-u electrical wire in school, hospital, theatre, shopping center and other public place.Send your requirement : sales@huadongelectricalwire.com

1.5mm pvc LSOH h07z-u cable size

Because this place need 2.5mm h07z-u halogen-free cable to protect against emission of smoke and toxic corrosive gases in case of fire. If you also want to buy 1.5mm h07z-u LSZH cable, please leave your email. Because we are the direct h07v-u and h07z- u cable manufacturer, we can give you the best 1.5mm h07z-u cable price. What’s more, if your h07z-u halogen-free single core wire order is large, you can get cheap h07z-u wire.

What’s the H07Z-R cable structure?

From the h07z-r cable free samples, you can find that the h07z-r cable structure is very simple. As we can see, the 1.5mm h07z-r cable conductor is class 2 plain stranded copper. When you purchase h07z-u or h07z-r cable, you may find 2.5mm h07z-r LSOH cable prices are not the same. Because copper material wire price are different in many countries and areas. So you need to compare the 4mm h07z-r halogen-free single core wire price before you place your order.

2.5mm h07z-r cable specification

Voltage: 450/750V .
Conductors: annealed copper conductor
Class 1 solid copper for H07Z-U cable,
Class 2 stranded copper for H07Z-R cable,
Class 5 flexible copper for H07Z-K cable
Insulation: special thermosetting low smoke zero halogen compound type EI5
Size: 1.5mm 2.5mm 4mm 6mm 10mm or according to your requirement
Color: green/yellow, blue, black, brown, grey, orange, pink, red, white and so on.

Send your requirement : sales@huadongelectricalwire.com

As for h07z-r 6mm cable insulation, we use EI5 type cross-linked zero halogen rubber insulation with low emission of fumes and gases. These 6mm electrical wire can reduce the danger and damage. Being a professional h07z-r halogen-free single core wire supplier, we provide large quantity 10mm h07z-r LSZH cable. So you can purchase 10mm h07z-r LSZH cable from our factory. We believe our 2.5mm h07z-r LSOH cable price and quantity will not let you down.

How to install your H07z-k cable ?

As a matter of fact, 1.5mm h07z-k structure is similar to H07z-u and h07z-r. However, the conductor of 2.5mm h07z-k is fine-stranded tinned or bare copper. So 2.5mm h07z-k halogen-free single core wire is much more flexible than h07z-u and h07z-r wire. As we all know, the h07z-k cable is a kind of building wire, which is a internal wire. Therefore, you can apply 2.5mm h07z-k cable for switching, light system and other domestic installations.Send your requirement : sales@huadongelectricalwire.com

1x6mm h07z-k cable manufacturer

What’s more, you can install this 4mm h07z-k LSOH cable on surface or lay them in duct. However, these 10mm h07z-k halogen-free single core wires are not for outdoor use. As we can see, h07z-u, h07z-k and h07z-r cable are necessary for some places. Because the low smoke zero halogen property of h07z-k cable can protect from the damage of fire, smoke and corrosive gas. So when you need to purchase h07z-k LSOH cable for your house or project, you should notice the quality.  Maybe it is much more expensive than h07v-k price. Choosing a reliable low smoke zero halogen h07z-k cable manufacturer can supply superior 1.5mm h07z-k cable, but also give you reasonable h07z-k cable price.

1.5mm 4mm 16mm h07z-k cable price list

Where to buy h07z-u h07z-k h07z-r cable?

If you search h07z-u cable online, you can find lots of h07z-u cable suppliers. What’s more, these h07z-r cable suppliers are from all over the world. On the one hand, you can buy 6mm h07z-k halogen-free single core wire from local manufacturer. Then the delivery time is short. On the other hand, you can purchase 10mm h07z-r cable from house wire supplier in foreign countries. For example, you can contact with 1.5mm h07z-u cable manufacturer in China, Malaysia, Nigeria, UAE and so on.

1x 2.5mm h07z-r cable factory

That means you can get different low smoke zero halogen h07z-u cable price from many suppliers. Sometimes the shipping cost of 4mm h07z-r cable maybe high. But if you need large quantity h07z-k cable, it will be much more cost-effective. Huadong is a professional electrical wire manufacturer in China, we have rich production experience. We manufacture 16mm h07z-k cable according to international standard. So you can rest assured about our h07z-r halogen-free single core wire quality. From 2.5mm h07z-u cable price list, you may find we have great competitive. Because we sell 4mm h07z-r cable directly, there is no third party for difference. Please leave the h07z-r cable size you need. We will send the best h07z-r cable price to you as soon as possible. Send your requirement : sales@huadongelectricalwire.com

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